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  • Mi, 10 Juli, 2019:

    Upcoming Group Exhibitions:

    ,,A Magic Wave''

    Online Exhibition @ Young Space https://yngspc.com/exhibitions/2019/07/magic-wave/

    Dates: 15. July - 4. August 2019

    ,,The Leipzig Connection''

    Gallery Bacva, HDLU Zagreb, Croatia

    Dates: 3. Oktober - 8. Dezember 2019

    ,,Dark and Stormy''

    Espronceda, Center for Art & Culture, Barcelona, Spain

    with Marie Aly, Katharina Arndt, Fritz Bornstück, Stefaniel Gutheil, Philip Grözinger, Anfrey Klassen, Jan Muche, Daniel Thurau und Paul Pretzer

    Dates: 18. Oktober - 20. Oktober 2019

    Tue, Febr 12, 2019:

    Contemporary Visions IX

    A group Exhibition at "Gallery Beers" - London - with the Might of young Engines II Movie and the related Storyboard drawings.

    Beers London

    Dates: 1ST MARCH 2019 - 30TH MARCH 2019

    Fri, Febr 1, 2019:

    Monochromatic paintings

    Galerie Kleindienst at the Art Brussels booth will present a first glance at a new series i am working on since last November.Since the last exhibition "Cinematic Cybernetics" which was mainly centered around computer generated Animation, i am steering now towards a more minimalistic Approach.
    The dual exhibition "under der Linden"in January and May 2018, brought me to a reduction in the range and saturation of colours, in exchange for more variety in Contrast and texture. Its also planned to come up with lithographs in the late Spring of 2019.

    Dates: Wed, Apr 24, 2019 - Sat, Apr 27, 2019